Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Favorite Series

My favorite T.V. series is the show called Criminal Minds, it is an crime and action series, it is an FBI squad that travels all over the United States to profile and stop the worst criminals in the U.S.A. Each member of the FBI squad has to bring their expertise each and everyday out on the field to stop serial killers, sociopaths, and even cannibals. Here is a trailer for the series. The show had first started in 2005 and is now on its 11th season.

When I first watched this show it was with my mom, she was going through a "police show" spree at the time. Now, it is one of our favorite shows to watch on the weekends so that we can be snugged up on the couch in a blanket and eat homemade popcorn. It is definitely a show that you want to watch with a companion. It is filled with action and riddles that makes you think about what the next clue is, where the attacker is going to strike again, what was going on in this person's head to make the react this way.